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“precociously soulful voice”
Emily Arntsen - Sound Of Boston

“The 17-year-old performer from Chicago arrives with a strong pedigree, backed by Alex & Ani and regarded as one of Berklee’s brightest rising stars (we hear she does well at Harvard, too). She’s already released four acoustic albums and three singles, performing more than 150 solo acoustic shows around Chicago, from the neighborhood coffee shop to Lollapalooza. Writes the Chicago Tribune: “Bright, singer-songwriter chops and a clean, clear, articulate singing voice.” Adds the Illinois Entertainer: “A songwriter wise beyond her years, an accomplished acoustic guitar player.” And this from Songwriter Universe: “An assertive rock/pop song which has the energy and full sound of a Kelly Clarkson radio hit–you wouldn’t guess that it’s a 15-year-old who wrote and sang this song.””
Michael Marotta, Vanyaland, CMJ Spotlight Showcase: Chicago Songwriter Kate Diaz

“Kate Diaz is dreaming big, aiming for her goals, and diving into young adulthood headfirst. She certainly made a splash with us at BestNewBands.com with her astonishing voice and knack for songwriting!”
Sarah Hess - bestnewbands.com

"supremely talented...gorgeous voice, and amazing songwriting and guitar chops...this Berklee singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will blow your mind."”
Laura Whitmore, founder WIMN/SHE ROCKS Awards

“very charming...sweet tunes”
Shayne Hanley - Pancakes and Whiskey

“she's got quite the singing voice (it's in the general range of Norah Jones and Joss Stone)”
Stubby’s Blog

“Kate Diaz possesses a voice that’s clear and confident, and that charm and charisma shines even brighter than the stars in the sky. This song is begging for a soundtrack; the arrangement, melody and sentiment would wear very well in mass release or as a complement to an independent film. The production, lyrical content and accompaniment (complete with Diaz on electric guitar) work their magic in freeing up Diaz to deliver a mature and endearing vocal that does, in fact, bring a smile to the face.”
Indie-Music.com, Dec. 2013 Artist Spotlight- Review: Kate Diaz, “Christmas Smiles”

“Kate Diaz is just barely old enough to drive, but that hasn't stopped her from touring around the country entertaining crowds of all sizes. In the past 3 years alone she's played everywhere from Lollapalooza to Summerfest. Her songwriting skills are catchy as all get out and impressive for someone of any age. Make sure to check out her song LOCKS.”
Sonicbids Weekly Shoutout: Meow-Con 2013

“A guide to music at Taste of Chicago 2013: What were you doing at age 16? Kate Diaz will be knocking you out with bright, singer-songwriter chops and a clean, clear, articulate singing voice.”
Kevin Williams, Editor, On the Town; Visual Arts Editor, Chicago Tribune

“Over the past few years Kate Diaz has played Summerfest, Lollapalooza, Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, Taste of Chicago, House Of Blues, and has also booked more than 50 gigs through Sonicbids. Did we mention that she is 16 years old? Kate Diaz has been mystifying audiences with musical ability beyond her years since the ripe age of 11 and seemingly hasn't put down her guitar since. We had the pleasure of Kate serenading us with a set of her original tunes at Sonicbids HQ last summer and we are beyond thrilled to have her back in the office next week fresh off of her gig at Summerfest 2013. If you hadn't heard of Kate Diaz before you better get used to the name because you'll be hearing it for years to come.”
Sonicbids Weekly Shoutout: Summerfest 2013

“2013 Berklee Lolla Endowed Scholarship Recipients: Kate Diaz, a 16-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist from the Chicago area, is the recipient of the Berklee Lollapalooza Five-Week Scholarship, awarded annually to a local musician. At the Five-Week Summer Performance Program, she joins more than 1,000 teens from all over the world sharpening their skills in private lessons, ensembles, and concerts. This is the third year Diaz has attended Berklee’s summer program on a scholarship, but this award has special significance. “Like many kids from Chicago, I’ve caught the Lollapalooza fever every summer since I started listening to music, so I’m really honored to have been awarded this scholarship,” she said.”
Lollapalooza website

“Hard to believe after listening to her third live, “unplugged” recording, Wildfire, that Kate Diaz is all of 15 years old and still in high school. Then again, she’s been regularly gigging at her local suburban Potbelly sandwich shop since the 5th grade and debuted at House of Blues and Metro at 12 and 13, respectively. But as this latest collection of originals captured at Hard Rock Cafe attests, she is a songwriter wise beyond her years, an accomplished acoustic guitar player (not lost on manufacturers who’ve endorsed her with freebies) with a voice (though clearly still maturing) that does her music justice. Fingers crossed she finally saves up enough to make that studio recording.”
David C. Eldredge, Illinois Entertainer

“It was the show you did not want to miss. Local, Kate Diaz opened up the show. She played a couple of original songs on the guitar. And although it must have been nerve-wrecking playing up on stage for the big crowd that it was, she made it look easy. She did an amazing job; ... It was a lot of fun and very memorable. Both acts did a fantastic job and knew how to please the crowd. A lot of success is in store for Kate Diaz, and Emblem3 is about to set the young adult market on fire this summer.”
Peter Lizano, Music Tour Reviews

“Local musician Kate Diaz opened the (sold-out) show, appearing solo with acoustic guitar. The teen artist was warmly welcomed by her peers and gave a strong vocal performance of original material. - live concert review: Emblem3 rides "Riptide' into Chicago House Of Blues”
Daniel Deslover, music photographer. Examiner.com live concert review

"“Down To Earth” is an assertive rock/pop song which has the energy and full sound of a Kelly Clarkson radio hit--you wouldn't guess that it's a 15-year-old who wrote and sang this song. It has a distinctive song title which cleverly captures the Earth Day theme, and a well crafted lyric which elaborates on this message. "Down To Earth" also provides a good showcase for Diaz's expressive, soulful vocal performance.”
Dale Kawashima, founder of SongwriterUniverse

“Rock 'n 'Role Models: There was no shortage of over-qualified female musicians at MEOWCon, from two members of the seminal ‘70s ensemble Fanny (June Millington and Patti Quatro, Suzi’s sister) to erstwhile Michael Jackson guitar shredder Jennifer Batten. Black-clad New York blues revivalists Jane Lee Hooker ripped the balls out of Muddy Waters’s “Mannish Boy.” Kate Diaz, a 16-year-old from Chicago, sang a graduation song for her brother in a Joan Armatrading-worthy warble. Valentine’s own band, the Bluebonnets, managed to make a cavernous ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel almost, almost feel like the Continental Club. And of course Suzi Quatro slammed the strings in a rare American show, then delivered a ribald and hilarious keynote on Friday.”
Evelyn McDonnell, LA pop music critic, Populism

"Kate Diaz is a name you may not have heard of yet, but I can almost guarantee you will become very familiar with in the next several years. At the age of 15, she already demonstrates songwriting prowess and maturity that most 25 year olds only dream of. Having an incredible voice definitely doesn't hurt either. Simply put, she's ten years ahead of everyone else, and I can't wait to see where she ends up."
Sonicbids Weekly Shoutout: Yellowphone 2012

“VENTS Magazine interview”
VENTS Magazine

"I love the tone of this young girl’s voice and think she’s a promising songwriter. At the age of 15, I think she’s off to a superb start. The song “Down to Earth” is a “call to awareness” type of song. She has a natural knack to her writing that has a natural rhythmic flow. The lyrical content is clever in her approach in raising awareness to environmental matters. The arrangement is tight. This is a song that seems to be over too quickly….ear candy created with piano melodies, vocal flow, etc."
Holly Hutchinson, owner/A&R Executive, ANGIRL

"A highlight for me was seeing Kate Diaz. After getting over the moment of depression I had when I realized that a 14-year-old had more musical talent than I’ll ever have, I really enjoyed listening to her voice and I was shocked at her incredibly mature songwriting. She explained that her song “At The Same Time” was about her being torn between playing music and soccer, but after listening I really just think “soccer” was a code word she gave her parents for “boyfriend.” (Don’t worry Kate, I won’t tell!)"
Tess Cychosz, Sonicbids Blog

“Singer Kate Diaz - The singer-songwriter performs her Holiday tune, "Christmas Smiles."”
Chicago ABC TV, Windy City Live show

“Kate Diaz may be only 14, but her voice and her songs make it clear that she is wise beyond her years. The Chicago-area singer/songwriter/guitarist has already participated in Kidzapalooza and has been featured on local TV stations to display her talent. She's released an acoustic album titled "Two by Four" and will be participating in her Third Annual Children's Cancer Fundraiser Holiday Benefit Concerts. Fans can donate to the cause by purchasing her song "Christmas Smiles" for a dollar here. If you're anxious to hear the incredible voice this 14-year-old has up her sleeve, then check out her video below”
College News, Ear Candy

"Kate Diaz is a Chicago-area teenage singer-songwriter who, judging by her YouTube channel, writes a lot of songs. I suspect that of all the teen acts at Kidzapalooza this weekend, she's the most likely to graduate to one of the other stages at the festival."
SAShepherd, ZooGobble

“Promising 14-year-old Northwest suburban folk-pop singer should get the day off to a pleasant start at the well-shaded Kidz oasis.”
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

“She’s one of the better songwriters I’ve heard in a long time. She’s like a pretty well-rounded, well-adjusted kid who’s from Chicago and just loves to play music. It’s empowering … if you’re a kid and you see someone near your age playing like that … it’s amazing. That’s pretty inspiring.”
Tor Hyams, Kidzapalooza festival producer, Chicago Sun-Times

“14-year-old Lolla performer Kate Diaz takes WCL stage”
Chicago ABC TV, Windy City Live show

“Chicago area native Kate Diaz gives a preview performance before her breakthrough gig this weekend at Kidzapalooza.”
CHICAGO LIVE!, Chicago Tribune

“The entire set played by 14-year-old Northwest Suburban singer/songwriter/guitarist Kate Diaz, who nailed every stirring song. You heard it here first: You'll likely see her performing on one of the Lolla main stages in a few years.”
Judy Sutton, TimeOut Chicago

“K’NAAN in Chicago: Micro-Moments Create Mega Pleasure - April 2010: Ever since we first saw Kate amaze us at the Metro we knew she was well beyond her years. I watched amazed at the skill and composure of Kate as she nailed the song, ultimately putting a big pleasureful smile of approval on K’naan’s face too. Cheers and a roaring applause erupted after Kate finished strumming the song’s final chord. It was truly a moment where a fan was transforming into an artist right before our very eyes.”
Chris Catania, owner, LiveFix Blog

“Chicago Musician Kate Diaz Wins Berklee Scholarship”
Fearless Radio



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